So.. I just wanted to “quickly” check my tumblr (like really just have a look and go..) but now I have to make this post, because…

Well, because THIS showed up on my dash

Matt Smith, Eleven, The Doctor… right?


Wait, what?

Well, strictly speaking, he is Matt. He just isn’t Matt Smith.

Now tumblr has Matt (really, how did he end up with his name; maybe the Doctor had to become a human again and is now just crossing his own time stream and… do you have a weird looking watch? Don’t open it, it’s broken anyway! better safe than sorry and cousin Matt (now it get’s a bit weird.. his name is Matt, too?! if this is how it works I’ll name my firstborn Matt and put pictures up on tumblr just to find out who he’s gonna look like..).

Anyone else has a friend/relative named Matt? Who does he look like?

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